Dime si las notas majicas de la negra Flamenca ya endulzan el susurro del viento, cual alberro enamorado de la blanca luna de Cadiz, ... dime si brilla el fulgor de su penetrante negro, acariciando la suavidez de sus sonoras cuerdas terzadas, ya Bella Negra y fulgurosa, despierta de tu sueño enamorado y echa a volar tu canto ... Bueno, un poco de poesia para inspirar al Maestro Guitarrero, que forja con sus manos la bella obra maestra.

Glauco P.
Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

It finally arrived !! :)  I was so happy this morning; it made my whole day.  The instrument is very beautiful, you did a wonderful job ! The sound is very rich, crisp, and has a nice attack. It can definitely be played well, either loud or softly. Thank you for all the time you spent on it; it was worth the wait.

Ivy B.
Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.A.

Belo trabalho.  Daniel Turner é um gênio.  Ainda encomendo um blackwood ow Brazilian Rosewood, em fim quero um violão espanhol feito por Daniel Turner.

Diego L.
São Paulo, Brasil

Somehow, I can sense the sonic potential of the Ebano already.  The sound seems to be getting better by the hour!  Is that possible?  The Ebano is starting to get to know my touch and is responding to my playing better and better.  Two things are particularly obvious to me. The action is so much faster and my slurs are coming through so much better than on the other guitars I've played.  It is easier to play. I just can't put it down. Thank you Daniel !!!

John C.
Hong Kong, China.

I am in bewildered awe of your artistry and am greatly anticipating playing a guitar that comes from your workshop.

Gregory P.
Statford Springs, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho. São verdadeiras obras de arte.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I've had the guitar for almost 2 weeks and wanted to give you my feedback. I think you know that I was Director of Product Quality when I was working, so I can be pretty critical. Don't worry, the feedback is all good !!! You are one hell of a great luthier !!!

Diego B.
Ashland, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The guitar is here in Bahrain. You are the best guitar maker. Thanks a lot.  It's a beautiful and gorgeous guitar and case. Shokran Jazilan, and we hope to see you in Bahrain one day.

Majeed & Akeel
Muharraq, Bahrain

Deseo felicitar a Daniel Turner por el desarrolo profesional en la construcion de estas guitarras flamencas, las cuales suenan fantastico.

Telmo Eduardo R.
Córdoba, España

I need an instrument that I can call exceptional both in beauty and sound. For me a Guitar has always been a work of art and I also believe that a guitar should be an extension of the guitarist's body.  Music is an art - so should the instrument be a masterpiece.  Your guitars are marvelous instruments.

Cesar T.
New York, New York, U.S.A.

Yo quiero algo diferente sin renunciar a un sonido puro, y al parecer, usted me lo puede ofrecer, asi que le animo a la superacion con mi instrumento pues estara sometido a juicio por grandes entendidos del flamenco, por mi parte me gustaria transmitirle mi mas leal confianza en sus manos.

Daniel Soler M.
Malaga, España

Your guitars are amazing ... and as guitarplaying is my profession I know that a good guitar is crucial to maintaining pleasure when playing and working.

Nicholas S.
Kobenhavn, Denmark

I can recognize someone who takes enormous pride in workmanship and the fingerprint he shares with the rest of us.

Beth C.
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Realmente tu guitarra me ha impactado y me ha plasmado de alegria poder ver una belleza de tan alto nivel !

Nazareno B.
Necochea, Argentina

The brunettes, the reds, and the blondes of your amazing "Macassar Ebano" struck me like thunder.  You're a true artist and your guitars have captured me.  I'll remain their hostage for ever.  With admiration,

Mishael L.

Sinceramente, seus violões são fantásticos e percebe-se que você é um grande profissional, gosta daquilo que faz.

Antonio C.
Jaú, São Paulo, Brazil

Your guitars are the most beautiful instruments that I've seen.  When asked what my dream job was I had to reply with making guitars that look and sound as good as Daniel Turner's.  You are an amazing craftsmen.

Kevin B.
Fairbanks, Alaska, U.S.A.

La configuración de la guitarra, es exactamente lo que quiero ... reciba mis más cordiales felicitaciones por su magnífico trabajo.

Peter M.
Castellón, España

Me parecen muy hermosas tus guitarras .. Maestro Daniel te estoy inmensamente agradecido por tu tiempo y ese gran arte !

Javier Mauricio C.
Bogotá, Colombia


The comments, which are currently displayed on this page, have been received — through the years — from clients, Spanish guitar aficionados, fine instrument collectors, fellow luthiers, and professional guitarists ... and are greatly appreciated.

Daniel Turner,  Guitarmaker (retired)

I am absolutely astounded at the beauty of your guitars.  I have been around luthiers and guitarists for about fifty years, but never have I seen artistry like yours. Well done, and keep it going ....

Peter J.
Leichester, U.K.

Je suis totalement tombé sous le charme de vos guitares.  Je souhaiterais élargir mon domaine musical en apprenant le flamenco.  Je cherche donc une guitare flamenco de luthier et votre concept de mélanger des bois exotique me laisse totalement rêveur.

Bonnet G.
Nice, France

The guitar arrived a couple of hours ago.  It is wonderful !  Everything I wanted to make me sound better than I am ... and it's very beautiful !

Thomas M.
Higganum, Connecticut, U.S.A.

This guitar is magnificant, Daniel !  You have given reality to my dream and it is fabulous ! Quelle beauté !  I am very pleased with the result. "She" will give me many days of enjoyment.

Philippe P.
Larmor-Plage, France

My daughter-in-law from Madrid just came to visit last night.  She was literally almost in tears (of joy) after playing your Negra.

Peter S.
North Fork, California, U.S.A.

I love these guitars !

Jose Pena S.
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Your guitars are beautiful !  I love all the options.  It's hard to find someone that will customize a guitar like that.

Nick S.
Johannesburg, South Africa

Vos guitares sont magnifiques.

Michael B.
London, U.K.

Daniel, you make the most beautiful guitars in the world so that I get sentimental just by looking at them.  Warm greetings and keep up the outstanding work.

Sandy T.
Bruxelles, Belgium

Your guitars come highly recomended.  You have a beautiful two-tone guitar on your site.  What kind of wood did you use for the back and sides? (Siam rosewood) Is it some kind of sapwood and do you have one for sale?

Britt S.
California, U.S.A.

J'admire votre travail car j'adore la guitare encore.  Bravo pour vos modèles.

Gaston P.
Bordeaux, France

We all appreciate and respect the wonderful creativity and wish you continued success.

Eslam T.
Cairo, Egypt

Me parecen muy hermosas tus guitarras .. Maestro Daniel te estoy inmensamente agradecido por tu tiempo y ese gran arte !

Javier Mauricio C.
Bogotá, Colombia

Je fais confiance à votre intégrité d'artiste et à votre signature pour que vos guitares sonnent vraiment flamenco.  Je crois comprendre que c'est dans le savoir-faire de la fabrication que vous agissez pour élaborer le son flamenco.  C'est certain que pour les choix de matière et de fabrication c'est vous le Maestro.  Son, timbre, facilité de jeu ce sont les points clés.  Beauté et excellence de la fabrication révèle la magie de l'instrument et de l'artiste luthier.  Sa sonorité, l'expression de son timbre, "su alma" est sa quintessence.

Jerome Q.
Paris, France

Your work is really stunning.  The craftmanship is exceptional.  Very inspiring.

Kyle M.
Toronto, Canada

I'm very exited for my new Super Negra guitar and I can't wait to have it on my hands :)

Leonardo A.
Caracas, Venezuela

Je suis en train de préparer des spécifications pour ma future guitare qui sera réalisée par vos soins. C'est pour moi un grand honneur que de posséder dans un avenir proche un tel instrument.

Thierry M.
Hamburg, Germany

I enjoyed playing your guitars during your visit to Tokyo.  You are a very good craftsman and your French polishing is very high standard.  I especially like your negra guitar made with Maccasar ebony and Port Orford cedar.

Akihiro K.
Tokyo, Japan

La guitarra (Cocobolo Cacao) está preciosa.  Esa guitarra estéticamente me ha cautivado.  Un abrazo de admiración desde Río de Janeiro, Brasil.

German O.
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

Nachdem ich Ihre Instrumente und besonders die Ebano Gitarre bei Ihnen in Kanada ausprobieren durfte, möchte ich Ihnen nocheinmal mein Kompliment für die wundersvolle Handarbeit und den schönen Klang ausdrücken, die ich als gelernter Saiteninstrumentenmacher mit langjähriger Berufserfahrung beurteilen kann.

Arvid S.
Leipzig, Germany